MIGWAA was founded in 2009. After years of development, the company has gradually formed a business model with high-end full customization as the core, standardized customization as support, and self-owned brand production as the highlight.
We are located in Hebei, China – China’s high-end makeup brush production base. We have more than 50 experienced makeup brush makers who use the highest quality materials to produce hand-made makeup brushes that fully meet the design requirements of the client. At the same time, we can provide an efficient and excellent design plan according to your requirements.


We are united into a passionate team of shared values and serve our customers and consumers around the world as our most trusted partner with a leading position in all relevant markets and product categories.

We put our customers and consumers in the most important position, and everything is centered around them. This is critical to our long-term success as a company. In order to provide quality products, innovation, superior quality, and outstanding service,  along with innovation, excellence and outstanding service are a key addition, we need to have a better understanding of the needs of our customers and consumers than our peers.



The high efficiency is the best companion for our customers besides our professionalism. We seem to be always at your side whenever you need to find us to talk about the business or the products.


It is our unremitting pursuit to win customers with sincerity and impress customers with professionalism. We treat each client with honesty and enthusiasm. We are not just your business partners.


Teamwork with clients from designing to delivering, keeping efficient communication, paying attention to every detail, and taking responsibility for product quality aim to win-win cooperation are key aspects..

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