Compared with full customization, private labeling makeup brushes are much more flexible, and it requires a lower  minimum order quantity. You only need to print the logo on the stored handles.

However, it is not what we usually imagine, printing logos directly on the finished makeup brushes (the low-end makeup brushes usually made in this way), but printing on the stored handles, and then put them into the oven for high-temperature baking, to make sure the logo color is stable and does not fade. Finally connect the handles with the ferrules.

On the other hand, it must also be ensured that the finished bristles are not contaminated nor deformed during logo printing.
The shortcoming is also obvious, that is, it limits the options of custom makeup brushes, and your brand name can be only be printed on limited products.

makeup brush

21 pieces classic makeup brush set for banding

Click the picture for brush instructions.


This 21 makeup brushes series is  suggested by our European and American clients. It covers almost all brush types from face to eye, from whole to detail.

It can meet the basic requirements of most makeup lovers for daily makeup.

You only need to choose the type of brush you like and inform us of the numbers, we will print your own brand LOGO according to the makeup brushes you selected.

 It is made of high-quality cruelty free synthetic hair.

This set of makeup brush is available in 10 color options

private label makeup brushes color options
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