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Why are your make-up bristles falling out?

Imagine that you are applying make-up on, and everything turns out perfect even that winged eyeliner. However, you decide to apply a bit more highlighter, and suddenly your whole face is full of make-up bristles. This is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone applying make-up on, especially a make-up artist. Oh, and another horrible scenario can be: you are washing your make-up brushes, and suddenly you are left with the bristles of one of your brushes in your hand.

As you can see, unpleasant “accidents” can happen. This is why, today, we have decided to teach you about why make-up bristles can fall out, and maybe even how to prevent them from doing so.

Is the fact that brushes are made manually a factor?

When it comes to handmade brushes, bristles are manually bundled. The handwork might not be as good, because some factories demand speed. This can lead to improper binding of the hair, or simply ignoring the binding, in order to make more brushes. The bristles are not bundled tightly enough, which leads to them falling off one by one.

Does the glue matter?

If the quality of the glue that is used is not great, when the glue gets wet (usually when you do not wash your brush correctly), or when you use the brush for a long period of time, the hairs can fall out. This is why, below, you can learn a bit about the types of glue that are used in making a brush.

There are three main glues that are used to fabricate brushes: AB glue, Hot melt glue, and yellow glue.

Both AB glue and hot melt glue have some advantages and disadvantages. They are easy to use, and they dry quickly. From a factory’s point of view, this means more products in a quicker time. In addition, the application is quite consistent. However, when brushes whose bristles were attached using these types of glue might not last the test of time. This happens when you wash your brushes too often or with hot water, that can cause the bristles to fall.

On the other hand, we have Yellow glue. This type of glue is used by our factory. We do not recommend this glue, because it is our choice, but because of the main advantages that it has. One of them is the fact that the bristles of the brush are strong after they are glued, and also stables. In addition, they are not as easily influenced by temperature and water. However, there are some disadvantages: it takes time for it to dry (approximately 3 days), which means that it is not as efficient in terms of factory productivity. In addition, the costs of production are higher, which means that the brushes are also more expensive.

Synthetic vs. natural bristles does it make a difference?

When it comes to the materials that the bristles are made of, they do not have a big impact on the falling of the bristles. The main difference between synthetic and natural ones is the fact that natural bristles have a higher capacity to absorb oils and emollients. When it comes to synthetic ones, they do not have such a great absorption capacity, and the oils simply sit on the surface of the bristles, meaning that they need to be washed more often. However, the bright side is that synthetic brushes can be easily washed, with almost any type of soap, without having to worry that you will dry them out like in the case of natural ones.

How can you prevent bristles from falling? 

Even though you might do your best to prevent make-up brushes from shedding, it is sometimes something you cannot stop. Some brushes are poorly made, and can start shedding from the first uses. Sometimes, it only depends on the number of times that you use them, and how you care for them. For this reason, we have decided to share a few tips and tricks with you.

One of the first things that you should keep in mind when taking care of your brushes is the fact that you should not go long between washes, because the product builds up, which can damage the bristles. In addition, when you are washing the brush, try not to get the water to the point that the metal ferrule meets the handle, because this can lead to the damaging of the glue, which can result in falling bristles. Also, do not let your brushes dry in an upright position, as water can reach the handle this way. What you can do is to either dry your brush lying down, or upside down, by hanging it.

You can also prevent the bristles from damaging, by being gentle when pressing down on your make-up brush, when you are trying to pick up product or to apply it. Pressing to hard can cause the bristles to snap, this can destroy both your brushes and your look. In addition, if you want to prevent natural hair bristles from drying out and falling, it is recommended to use a gentle detergent. As for synthetic ones, try to use mild dish soap, because it is very effective with breaking down oils.

In terms of the types of products that you use with each brush type, it is recommended not to use creamy products with natural hairs, as they can put too much pressure on the hair follicle, causing it to break. It is better to use synthetic brushes when it comes to liquid products as they are more resistant.


Now you know how to choose your brushes in order to guarantee that these tools last you a longer period of time. In addition, you have learned more tips and tricks about how to both use and clean your brushes in order for them to last you more. What is left to do now is either to buy more brushes or to start applying some make-up.

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